Friday, 29 May 2015

Tips to Maintain Your Car from a Van Service Provider in Essex

Having a van or truck is a matter of need. If you are a working in a field, or as a trader you need your working partner to reach places on time and deliver parcels. But have you given a close look and checked if your van is working properly and renders it full capacity. If not then with do take into account the following check to significantly increase the van’s efficiency. 

  • Engine oil: Do check the oil regularly-monthly and also do keep a check on leakage. 
  •  Tire pressure: Once a month check for the inflation in the tyre and also maintain the spare tyre before taking up any long journey. 
  • Regular wash: What’s better than a good looking shiny van? Clean your van regularly and make an impression on your clients or wherever you take your van. 
  • Air filter: Air filters are a regular maintenance thing. Check yourself or contact Van service in Essex for better results. 
  • Exhaust system: Check for the rusted through exhaust parts that need replacing. If it needs replacing contact a good garage who provide van service in Essex with expertise in exhaust system replacement 
  • Brakes: Replace worn pads or lining for better working of brakes. Van service in Essex 
  • Radiator: Prevent overheating of the radiator by removing debris and washing the exterior of it. 
  • Battery: check for the fluid inside regularly and also make sure the cables and terminals are securely attached.
Keep above-mentioned checks in mind to ensure your van keeps moving safely and avoid breakdowns that can give you a real hard time. Service your van regularly and do take it for an exclusive yearly service at a garage that provides that works right on your van and improves it lifespan. Drive gently and be gentle with the machine. For people in Essex, you can always contact Van service Essex that will help you with their expertise opinion on the same.

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